We are currently investing £6M in a dedicated facility and associated infrastructure to house our new corrugator and further underpin our long-term capacity and competitiveness.

Being an integrated manufacturer, and producing our own corrugated sheet, gives us a number of advantages over our competitors. Firstly, it gives us greater control over our input costs, as we buy paper from the international market and not sheet from the UK sheet-feeding market. This means we, and our Customers, don’t suffer the associated extra costs or protracted lead times – especially during seasonal peaks.

Performance packaging – producing our own sheet also means that we often specify and supply bespoke, performance board grades, that best suit the box application, at highly competitive prices.

Again, being in control of our own, agile, production plan ensures that we can maintain high levels of flexibility in fulfilling orders at short lead times.

We hold at least a month’s worth of paper, in numerous grades and have a robust supplier-base that also carry stock, on site and at port, for call-off. This guarantees continuity of supply throughout the year.

Our rigorous approach to quality and process control guarantees that our product is repeatedly well within tolerance, meaning flat, strong board and therefore reliability for our Customers – in particular where the packaging is used on high productivity machine-erect lines.

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