Goose is our bespoke business management system and one of the keys to the company’s success. Ablebox employ a large development team in-house, to constantly develop Goose to fit the ever growing needs of the business and our Customers. Goose encompasses all major business processes, from quoting through to CRM, production and delivery scheduling, but in reality, it’s all of the other details that makes Goose so valuable to us and our Customers.

Goose is highly configurable, allowing us to mould our service solution to the exact requirements of each Customer and what we cannot configure – we develop. Whether it be a bespoke automated pdf and csv stock report you require as the buyer, a bespoke barcoded pallet label to make your warehouse department more efficient, or a specific invoicing requirement to suit your business – we can configure or develop Goose to accommodate your requirements.

We also offer the opportunity to interface Goose with your BMS or ERP system. This makes us even easier to do business with.

IT Infrastructure –

Cyber threats, power cuts, natural disasters and other ‘Acts of God’, mean we should all have a DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan). At the heart of our DRP is our data and the fact that we are a multi-site manufacturing business. With our data being constantly mirrored between multiple sites and the use of cloud based services, we can keep supplying and never let our Customers down, whatever is thrown at us. Our data recovery and prevention of data loss is tested thoroughly to give Ablebox and our Customers piece of mind.

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