Carbon Neutral Certification

Sam Ainsworth, executive chairman at Ablebox

You may have seen in the recent article in Packaging News…

We’re very proud to be the first box producer in the market to achieve this certification. We’ve installed energy efficient lighting in our new Henstridge factory and are planning a review of all lighting on our Yeovil site to further increase efficiency. We’ve also reduced emissions by moving to 100% renewable utilities providers.

Ongoing reductions will be achieved through the use of two fully electric Tesla Semi trucks – the first to be ordered in the UK. There are also plans to install a waste steam recovery system to capture and reuse energy used in production.

This certification demonstrates our commitment to our customers and the local community that we are a responsible and proactive business, always seeking to do better, especially when it comes to the environment. Our team has been really supportive of the process, and we hope to inspire our customers, suppliers and competitors to go carbon neutral as well. We are now looking at certifying our products as carbon neutral, offering low carbon options for our customers in the same way that our products can currently be FSC certified.

We really want businesses, and particularly manufacturers, to understand the responsibility of ensuring they are not pursuing profit at the cost of the planet. It is such a relevant issue and we feel proud to be taking action on the climate emergency. We encourage our government to take bolder steps to make positive changes. The UK could become net zero by 2050, and we want to be a good example of how a business can contribute towards this goal. In addition, the introduction of incentives and legislation from government will be fundamental to beating the 2050 target. Ultimately, we are the new generation in our industry, and we must lead the way for the next.

The carbon credits system has helped us to offset the remaining emissions that occur during the manufacturing process. These credits will be used for a wind power project in India, and a scheme that distributes solar cookers to low income households in Henan Province, China.

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